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Driving Diverse Industries Forward

Today’s industrial landscape is driven by high-level efficiency, guaranteed safety, and innovation across a wide range of sectors. Whether it is the manufacturing or the data center industry, Daedalus Technical Services (DTS) is your South Carolina industry leader for high-quality solutions. Whether it is installations, fieldwork, or electrical contracting, our team can handle the challenge!
We proudly serve the following industries:

  • Data Centers
  • Manufacturing
  • Industrial & Commercial
  • Fuel
  • Chemical
  • Life Sciences

Data Centers
In the ever-growing world of digital demands, DTS provides cutting-edge solutions for data centers ensuring a reliable power source, efficient cooling systems, and robust infrastructure. When you need a high-tech company with high-tech solutions, DTS is your South Carolina installation, fieldwork, and contracting leader!
DTS works with manufacturers across South Carolina and the Southeast to optimize their production lines and deliver the highest quality automation and controls support in the sector. The manufacturing industry is ever evolving where rapid change and innovation is common. To meet these ever-changing challenges, DTS stays at the forefront of emerging technologies and processes by regularly investing into continuous improvement and employee development.
Industrial & Commercial
Whether it is a small commercial property or a large-scale industrial facility, DTS delivers a wide range of solutions. From electrical installations, system upgrades, to modernization, we can handle your toughest challenges!

Fuel & Chemical
The fuel and chemical industry demands specialization and expertise. DTS’ high-quality solutions range from safety enhancements to electrical installations. When you need a qualified company, DTS is your South Carolina industry leader!

Life Sciences
The life sciences industry demands precision, reliability, and adherence to strict standards and regulations. DTS offers customized solutions to support research facilities, manufacturing plants, and laboratories.
Partnering with Daedalus Technical Services
DTS’s strives to stay on top all new technologies and processes. This helps ensure we not only meet the demands of today, but the needs of the future as well. DTS creates partnerships with our customers that are designed to drive innovation and progress through streamlined processes.
The current industrial environment is marked by digital transformation and rapid innovation. In this fluid time of change, DTS stands alone as an industry leader for a wide range of sectors.