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Invaluable Low-Voltage Installations

In today’s high-powered industrial landscape, low voltage operations can seem insignificant. However, the importance of reliable and efficient low-voltage applications cannot be overstated or overlooked. Daedalus Technical Solutions (DTS) expertise specializes in low-voltage installations throughout the southeast and around the nation.
Our team of field technicians delivers a wide range of low voltage installations that play a vital role in ensuring both connectivity and safety. Whether it is access control, networking, cameras, or security systems, DTS has earned a reputation for delivering seamless low voltage custom installations that meet the unique needs of our customers. In this blog, we will highlight just a few critical low voltage applications.

Camera Systems 
Access control and cameras go hand in hand and are an area where we excel. The importance of cameras cannot be understated for liability purposes. We offer cameras with high resolution, facial recognition, license plate readers, temperature monitoring and explosion proof cameras, with a variety of controls for surveillance.
When it comes to security, every detail matters and every installation must function as intended. Our team of field technicians install cutting-edge access control systems that guarantee a strong foundation for a secure and safe environment. In today’s unpredictable world, these systems must be taken seriously. Property, machinery, and most importantly, the lives of the individuals working rely on these vital safeguards.
In today’s digital world, connectivity is vital for any office and/or facility. Most operations cannot even be carried out without a strong connection to both the internet and cloud-based data. As the foundation of networking, structured cabling enables seamless data exchange and communication through a plethora of devices. These can be computers, servers, IoT devices and many more. Reliability, speed, and compatibility are a must. Structured cabling is the backbone of large volume data transfers. Every device and system in current technology relies on carefully configured and installed cabling. Not only does all network control run on this system, but access control, camera systems, security systems, audio and video are all seamlessly integrated into our structured wiring. This facilitates real-time collaboration, high-speed internet access, and cloud-based services.
As technology continues to grow at an exponential rate, the demand for faster and more stable connections grows right along with it. Structured cabling remains a steadfast solution that underpins the modern digital landscape, enabling individuals and businesses to stay connected and thrive in an increasingly data-driven environment.
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