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Motor Control Center Installations

What is a Motor Control Center?
A Motor Control Center (MCC) is a centralized system used in industrial and commercial settings to control and distribute power to electric motors. The MCC has a wide combination of electronic devices such as motor starters, circuit breakers, relays, and various other control equipment. All the equipment it houses is in an enclosure or cabinet.
What Motor Control Centers Do
MCC’s manage and protect numerous electronic motors within a facility. Its primary purpose is to control, monitor, and safeguard various motors used in driving pumps, conveyors, fans, compressors, and other various machinery used in industrial processes.
Features of a Motor Control Center
An MCC includes motor starters, circuit protections, control components, and in some modern MCC’s even have communication capabilities.
Benefits of Motor Control Center
MCC’s offer a wide range of benefits including reduced downtime, streamlined maintenance, efficient power distribution, and enhanced safety.
Motor Control Center Failures
MCC’s breakdown and fail for a wide range of reasons and circumstances. The most common failure includes but are not limited to:


  • Overheating
  • Insulation breakdown
  • Overloads (electrical and mechanical)
  • Phase imbalance and any voltage imbalance will lead to an even higher current unbalance
  • Bearing failure
  • Running in reverse
  • Shaft misalignment
  • Locked rotor
  • Vibration

Motor Control Center Installations
Daedalus Technical Services (DTS) employes the latest technologies to deliver the most efficient and optimal solutions for MCC installations. With every MCC installation, our primary goal is to increase efficiency, ensure reliability, and improve safety. Through seamless integration, streamlined operations, and real-time monitoring of these critical systems, we ensure the highest quality and best returns for our customers.
Industries Served
DTS provides MCC installations for a wide range of industries and needs. Whether is automotive, aerospace, electronics or oil and gas, these motor control centers are crucial to operational success.
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