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Enhancing Commercial and Industrial Projects with Daedalus Technical Solutions

Staying ahead of the curve is crucial. Commercial and Industrial construction projects around the United States are continuously requiring infrastructure to support new equipment standards and provide a safe environment for employees, contractors, students, and staff.

In this noble pursuit, Daedalus Technical Solutions (DTS) has emerged as a trusted partner specializing in network, lighting, and security upgrades and installations customized to the specific needs of each Commercial and Industrial application.


Empowering Connectivity through Industry-leading Network Solutions

The backbone of any modern research facility or college campus lies in their robust and reliable network infrastructure. DTS specializes in designing and implementing advanced networking solutions that ensure continuous connectivity.

High Quality Network Solutions
  • Fiber-Optic Networks
    DTS leverages the power of fiber-optic technology to deliver fast data transfers allowing students and researchers to access and share information at light speed.
  • Secure Wireless Networks
    With the increasing reliance on mobile and IoT technologies, DTS creates secure and scalable wireless networks that provide comprehensive coverage across the entire facility and campus.


Illumination with Advanced Lighting Systems

Proper and efficient lighting plays a crucial role in creating both a safe and conducive environment for learning and research.DTS provides high quality lighting installations that are energy efficient and customizable to specific needs and requirements.

High Quality Lighting Installations
  • LED Lighting Upgrades
    DTS replaces outdated and energy zapping lighting fixtures with energy-efficient LED systems that heavily reduce energy consumption while enhancing illumination.
  • Smart Lighting Control
    Advanced lighting systems allow campuses to remotely adjust lighting based on occupancy, time of day, and specific needs.
  • Security Lighting
    DTS helps keep your campus well-lit for safety, deterring potential hazards, and creating a secure environment where students and staff feel safe after hours.


Safety through Cutting-Edge Security Solutions

Security is not a luxury; it is an unavoidable and necessary requirement for any research facility and college campus. DTS offers comprehensive security upgrades to safeguard valuable equipment, students, and staff alike.

High Quality Security Solutions
  • CCTV Surveillance
    DTS strategically installs high-definition CCTV cameras across campus allowing for real-time monitoring and recording.
  • Access Control Systems
    DTS installs high quality access control systems ensuring only authorized individuals gain entry to restricted areas.
  • Intrusion Detection


DTS employs cutting-edge detection systems that provide early warning for hazards allowing for quick response and prompt resolution.