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Ensuring Seamless Security and Worker Safety with Low Voltage Security Cameras

In today’s business environment, digital connectivity is becoming more and more prevalent. Connected security cameras have become a vital tool for safeguarding property and people. Daedalus Technical Solutions (DTS) is a cutting-edge company offering low voltage security cameras that not only provide protection but seamlessly integrate into existing network operations.


Why are Security Cameras Important?

  • Potential Crime Deterrent
    Security cameras can act as a powerful tool in the fight and deterrent against criminal activity. As one can imagine, just the visible presence of cameras can discourage trespassing, theft, vandalism, and a large range of other criminal activities. Simply put, security cameras are an obvious investment and resource in the fight against crime in and around your facility.
  • Incident Recording & Documentation
    Cameras do not have bias, they do not discriminate, and they do not get tired. They work around the clock to help identify culprits and establish irrefutable facts. They provide unmistakable evidence for law enforcement, insurance claims, and even internal investigations.
  • 24- Hour Monitoring & Surveillance
    Real-time monitoring and surveillance allows for instant response to emergencies, suspicious activities, and crimes.Whether an employee is stealing merchandise, or a fire is erupting in a low-traffic area of your facility, security cameras are an invaluable resource to minimize the damage.
  • Worker Safety
    Possibly the most valuable role of a security camera is enhancing worker safety. In outdoor industrial and indoor manufacturing environments, they can help monitor employee activities to ensure safety protocols are being followed and identify potential hazards.In remote and high-risk environments, security cameras become even more vital as they serve as a lifeline for emergency assistance.


Seamless Integration with Network Operations

DTS recognizes that the strategic distribution and deployment of security cameras should not interrupt existing network operations. Here’s how we achieve this crucial objective:

  • Advanced Networking Protocols
    DTS employes cutting-edge networking protocols to reduce and limit interference. Our low voltage security cameras are designed to operate seamlessly with your existing network without slowdowns and congestion.
  • High Quality Bandwidth Management
    To prevent overloading the network, DTS employs and implements bandwidth management measures that prioritize critical data traffic. This guarantees that your camera feeds do not compromise and jeopardize the performance of other vital operations.
  • Quality of Service (QoS)
    DTS configures QoS settings to allocate network resources effectively. This approach ensures that the security camera data receives the appropriate priority and transmits surveillance footage without disruption.
  • Network Segmentation
    Some installations demand network segmentation. This approach isolates security camera traffic from other network data. This ultimately adds a layer of protection against costly interference.


In today’s regulated and perilous world, security cameras are indispensable. They help to improve security standards and enhance worker safety. In this unpredictable environment, Daedalus Technical Solutions offers low voltage security cameras that not only provide protection but can seamlessly integrate into your network operations. Our commitment and dedication to security and network performance separates us from the competition.

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