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Daedalus Technical Solutions: Master Service Agreement

A disruption in production can be costly and even catastrophic. At Daedalus Technical Solutions (DTS), we understand the importance of preventing unexpected downtimes, that is why we offer Fixed Price Facility Services. These services are designed to provide peace of mind through regular technical support. Our Master Service Agreement (MSA) highlights our commitment to your success. When you need regular facility support, our support team can resolve issues and maintain your production equipment and systems.

What is the DTS Master Service Agreement?

The DTS MSA is a pre-purchased block of time that grants you flexibility to address a wide range of continuing facility needs. These services are designed to optimize your production processes, enhance efficiency, and minimize downtown.


  • Planned Maintenance
    DTS keeps your plant running at the highest level through scheduled maintenance which includes lubrication of parts and disposal, replacement of filters, and preemptive replacements of worn parts. We also fine-tune and adjust performance systems to ensure optimal operation and performance.
  • Technical Diagnostic Services
    DTS’ highly skilled technicians perform diagnostic services to identify root causes of performance issues in process equipment. No matter whether it is an erratic fault detection, unpredictable process failures, or unreliable mechanical functionality, our team can handle it!
  • Electrical, Mechanical, & Controls Servicing
    DTS can handle all your electrical, mechanical, and control needs. We service, repair, and replace worn or malfunctioning equipment and systems including faulty instrumentation, damaged electromechanical and control hardware, and failed mechanical hardware.

Why DTS?

  • Swift Response
    DTS technicians can respond to any issue within 24 hours of a service request or at predetermined intervals to maintain your production process equipment. We understand that a quick response can make the difference between success and failure.
  • Simplified Process
    When you work with DTS, you can purchase blocks of time at the beginning of each year to used as needed. This means, no red tape to delay vital services.
  • Comprehensive Records
    At DTS, we maintain detailed service records for your equipment and provide annual maintenance reports for your internal records. We understand that transparency and accountability help build strong relationships with our customers.

Master Service Agreement

As DTS, we believe that a seamless production process is the foundation of your business. With our Fixed Price Facility Services, you can focus on core activities knowing your technical support needs are in trusted hands. DTS strives to build strong relationships with our customers designed to increase productivity, mitigate waste, and maximize profits.

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