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Industrial Facility: When Do I Need an Electrical Contractor?

Electrical systems are the foundation for most industrial operations. Whether in the manufacturing or warehousing industries, these systems play a crucial role. Unfortunately, electrical issues can arise without notice and pose serious threats to productivity and safety. With this unpredictability, industrial facility operators need to know when it’s time to call in a professional electrical contractor. Here is a list that can help you know when it is time:

  • Frequent Electrical Failures
    Repeated electrical failures are the most obvious times to call an electrical contractor. Whether it is tripping circuit breakers, intermittent power outages, or regular equipment failures, these are all signs there is a more serious issue that demands a professional electrical contractor to resolve. A thorough assessment is required to locate and correct the root cause to prevent future failures.
  • Aging Infrastructure
    Industrial facilities with older electrical systems are at the highest risk of failure. Over time critical components break down from natural wear and tear combined with outdated regulatory standards leave your electrical system at risk.  A professional electrical contractor can make the necessary upgrades and ensure compliance with current codes.
  • Safety Hazards
    Safety is a priority for most industries. However, electrical safety within the industrial sector is a top priority. Exposed wires, sparking, and overheated equipment all pose a serious threat to your employees, equipment, and facility. Each of these failures demands the support of a professional electrical contractor who can swiftly identify the causes and make the necessary repairs while ensuring compliance with safety regulations.
  • Energy Inefficiency
    In today’s eco-friendly minded world, energy efficiency is not just about saving money but mitigating your facility’s negative environmental footprint. If you have seen a fixed increase in your power bills or have concerns for the environment, it is time to bring in a professional electrical contractor. They can perform an energy audit to locate areas of energy waste and offer a wide range of solutions such as lighting upgrades and power factor correction.
  • Expansion or Upgrades
    Expansions and upgrades all come with changing electrical requirements. From adding new machinery, increasing production capacities, to introducing automation, it is vital to involve a professional electrical contractor to help you make these changes.

To safeguard your operations and keep your facility performing at its optimal level, know when to contact a professional electrical contractor.